Ups and Downs

Where should I start... Hhmm.. I guess a bit of my old self returned all of a sudden. Insomnia and obsessive compulsive disorder. Just when I thought things were going on smoothly. *sigh* anyways, I was really down this morning. Feels like being in a cocoon again..

Then things turned out for the better as the day went on. We got our physics test result result today. Guess what?!! I came out on top!! on top of the world!! (my world at least) =) alhamudillah.. Its a feeling i haven't felt for a very long time.. Its fuelling me to strive for more. More success!! Its like a drug!! :P

Thats my story for today.

P.s I had nasi ayam for bukak puasa..


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Well-deserved! =)